Road show events may attract hundreds of prospective buyers interested in learning more about the offering. The events may include multimedia presentations and question-and-answer sessions with several of the company’s officers present. Road Show Promotions success revolves around communication with you and the client. We’ve a good idea what works on a road show and what doesn’t, what equipment is effective at a venue or a waste of budget.

What we provide:

• Fabricated cantor (truck, bus)
• Man Power promoter girls and boy
• Anchor emcee
• Light & Sound system
• Entertainment (dance / celebrity / games / singer) etc

This campaign is known to be economical. It gives more visibility and allows the customer to directly relate to the product, thus the touch and feel concept is satisfied.
Our vision is to break these barriers and include people with disabilities into main stream society. These road shows will create a platform for interaction and set in motion a new thought process for building and creating awareness about the needs and potential of the people.


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