Brand promotion is a common marketing strategy intended to increase product awareness, customer loyalty, competitiveness, sales and overall company value. Businesses use it not only to show what is different or good about them and what’s for sale, but also to keep that image alive for consumers.

We at RED CARPET ENTERTAINERS usually focuses on elements that can stand the test of time, although businesses do adjust promotions based on what is happening in the market. The efforts required to be effective with these techniques require that marketers be passionate about what they’re doing.

Making Consumers Aware

A primary objective of RED CARPET ENTERTAINERS is to increase brand awareness, which is a measure of whether people know about a company’s products, services and philosophies. The basic idea is that people can’t buy what they don’t know exists. For a company to expand or compete, it has to put some effort into getting messages out to the public.
Businesses can communicate with buyers in different ways, such as using print ads, radio commercials or demonstrations. In many cases, businesses use more than one of these methods to be more effective. The hope is to bombard the public with information about what’s for sale and what the company stands for.

Building a Loyal Client Base

Another reason RED CARPET ENTERTAINERS promote brands is to help create customer loyalty. If the business can show off its merchandise or services well and make customers see the value in the KSPs, they will likely have a good purchasing experience. The good feelings that come with that purchase may make the customer want to buy again, and over time, he looks at the brand as his preferred choice. He might even buy the company’s products when another cheaper option is available because of the benefits he perceives.


• Canopy Promotion
• In this promotion, we puts canopy with the man power (promoter) in Market area, RW society, Malls, PVR, shopping Centre, exhibition area etc.
• Canopy will be place in the market area.
• Promoters will attend the customers and brief them about our Products USP’s.
• Promoters will distribute leaflets & discounted coupons to the people visiting the market.
• Leaflets will contain details about the outlets and products USP’s.
• Promoters will distribute database form for the lucky draw.
• Activity would focus more on increasing footfall in the outlets and consequently have a positive effect on secondary sales.
• Create brand awareness by contacting the right TG, connecting at an emotional level and communicating the brand association.
• To highlight Brand attributes.

Walk Through

• Promoters will wear shirts, T-shirts, jackets with the branding of that company for which this activity is planned.
• Promoters will carry their printed branding on their back and will walk in Market Areas / Malls / Society / shopping malls etc.
• Promoters will be carrying bag pack with branding.
• Promoters will distribute Pamphlets of that particular Brand.

Companies are always trying to promote the products and services they offer. In what’s known as “brand promotion,” the brand promotes itself. Shifting its focus to the brand as a whole, the company tries to drive awareness of what it is and what is does, with the overall idea that a more familiar brand is more successful than a brand no one has heard of.


The overall goal of RED CARPET ENTERTAINERS to promote brands is to influence consumers that a particular brand is the best at what it is does and therefore most worthy of their time and attention. This can be broken down into smaller goals, however; for example, a brand might aim to simply gets its name out there so that consumers are aware of it, and this might be achieved by repeating a message so that consumers remember a brand’s name. Other brand promotional activities try to influence consumers to choose one brand over another, or to inform consumers about what a brand stands for.


If brand promotion is performed successfully, there are several benefits for the brand itself. The brand’s consumers will likely become more loyal to the brand, rather than just fans of a particular product. The result will be that the consumer chooses other products within the brand’s line over those of competitors and even becomes a brand advocate, telling friends about the brand. Successful brand promotion should also lead to more sales, as more consumers become aware of what the brand does.

The methods used in brand promotion tend to relate to what the brand is trying to say and to whom. Traditional advertising campaigns and banner advertisements online go so far to promote a brand, but more creative marketing divisions will look to different ways of getting a brand recognized.


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