Event Management

Red Carpet Entertainersis a leader in the strategic development and production of a broad range of entertainment programs and special events . RCE can manage every aspect of your next event. We assist our clients in creating a multi-sensory experience and first class on-site presentation to maximize impact and exposure. We enjoy working with our clients to create a unique customized event that will hopefully last for several years. See below for all of our event management and production capabilities:

  •  Creative event design
  •  Theme development
  •  Budget development & forecasting
  •  Equipment procurement
  •  Event layout including tenting, tables, chairs, fencing, electrical and sanitation
  •  Event labor procurement including private security, police, bar tending
  • services, promotional models, Security, Valet, operations staff, production personnel, etc.
  •  Food and beverage procurement including festival/ fair vendors, gourmet food trucks, —and caterers
  •  Activity procurement including children’s activities, carnival programming and interactive features, etc.
  •  Guidance on City, State and private property approvals and permits including street closures, fire marshall approvals, insurance and risk management, etc


Technical Production

Red Carpet Entertainers has experienced broad success in technical production for a wide variety of events including corporate ballroom gatherings, outdoor festivals, Stage Shows, Live Concerts & DJ’s, private social events, live televised events, widespread multi-location entertainment, grand openings and many more. We will make sure to provide you with the best staging, audio, lighting, backline, and rentals – after producing small and large scale concerts in over 10 different markets, we have strong relationships with a variety of providers. See below for all of our technical production capabilities:

  •  Stage production timelines
  •  Stage and set design
  •  Set-up and tear-down of all equipment
  •  Sound and lighting
  •  LED stage backdrops
  •  Audio video performance enhancement
  •  Masking, Tenting, Waterproofing
  •  Backstage management
  •  Heating Solutions
  •  Catering
  •  Venue relations


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